Boot Camp

Sunday, November 4, 2018 | 8:00 am–5:00 pm

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The AMTA Boot Camp is a 1-day course on antenna and related measurement fundamentals. Live hands-on demonstrations complement the material presented. The Boot Camp is an ideal training opportunity for those new to the antenna and related measurements community and for those who would appreciate an update or “refresher” course on these topics. Instructors are industry experts who were selected based not only on their expertise, but for their ability to communicate effectively.

The AMTA Boot Camp Back-to-Basics Topics Include:

  • General RF Measurements
  • Material Measurements
  • Antenna Measurements
  • RCS Measurements
  • EMC/EMI Measurements

Technical Goals and Objectives of the AMTA Boot Camp Include:

  • Gain Basic Understanding of the AMTA-Relevant Measurement Systems and Associated Equipment
  • Obtain Basic Understanding of the Theory and Physical Principles of each Measurement System
  • Acquire Technical Vocabulary for each Measurement System
  • Gain appreciation for similarities and differences of each Measurement System
  • Establish appreciation for the Challenges/Applications that are Driving the Need for Each Measurement System
  • Identify Common Themes in Each Measurement System (Calibration, Standards, Best Practices, Uncertainties, etc.)

Boot Camp  Outline

09:00-09:20IntroductionDirk Heberling and Michael Havrilla
09:20–09:45 General RF Measurements Alexander Knisely
09:45–09:55 General RF Measurements Demo Alexander Knisely
09:55–10:10 Break
10:10–10:55 Material Measurements Lydell Frasch
10:55–11:10 Material Measurements Demo Lydell Frasch
11:10–11:25 Break
11:25–12:20 Antenna Measurements Kim Hassett
12:20–12:45 Antenna Measurements Demo Kim Hassett and Jeff Kemp
12:45–13:45 Lunch
13:45–14:40 RCS Measurements Stephen Blalock
14:40–15:05 RCS Measurements Demo Stephen Blalock
15:05–15:20 Break
15:20–16:15 EMC/EMI Measurements Zhong Chen
16:15–16:40 EMC/EMI Measurements Demo Zhong Chen
16:40–17:00 ConclusionMichael Havrilla